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Interlibrary Loan service enables you to obtain materials that are not available in Tel-Aviv University libraries from other libraries in Israel and overseas sources, subject to copyright.

As of November 1st 2018 Interlibrary Loan services will be given at no charge  

Students and academic staff will be able to order scans and loans from Israel and abroad at no charge for research, teaching and study purposes only. Orders that do not meet these criteria will be charged.


  • Who is eligible and What can be requested
  • Requests, Retrieving, Return and Extensions
  • Cancelling requests / Not Collecting requested items
  • Delivery time

Who is eligible?

Students, faculty and administrative staff of the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering, who hold a valid user account.

What can be ordered?

Any material not held by the TAU libraries: books, dissertations, reports, patents and photographic essays, exception -  material that cannot be borrowed.

The reader must verify - before requesting - via DaTA, that the item is not held by the TAU Libraries collections.

In special cases, items listed in the university catalog can be ordered:

An item not located on the shelves of the library and subsequently its status -is change to "lost" or "missing" can be requested from another library.

Item in “binding” status

In special/unusual circumstances, elaborate when requesting or contact us and we will try to help.


Tel Aviv University makes every effort to respect copyright. If you own copyright to the content contained
here and / or the use of such content is in your opinion infringing, Contact us as soon as possible >>