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JoVE video database is now available at our library. The database includes Journal and JoVE Science Education.


 Jove Journal
A scientific video journal with more than 5,000 fully produced, peer-reviewed video articles and showcase scientific research. All the videos are indexed in SciFinder, Scopus, Web of Science and more.

  • Chemistry section – includes a fundamental and applied research that investigates molecular interactions, properties, and structure spanning in a broad scope of chemical disciplines.
  • Engineering section - Encompasses a broad range of experimental and instrumental techniques utilized in physics research. Investigations in this area strive to address and answer a broad range of scientific questions, such as device mechanisms and efficiencies, using physical tools. This approach often requires a combination of specialties, and research in this area tends to be interdisciplinary with contributions from mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers.


 JoVE Science Education
A video database dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple video demonstrations that include basic laboratory experiments, concepts and methods for undergraduate courses.




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