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​​A Course on Topological Vector Spaces 280 Adaptive Autonomous Secure Cyber Systems Additive Manufacturing Hybrid Processes for Composites Systems
The book adopts an “economic” approach to interesting topics, and avoids exploring all the arising side topics. Written in a concise mathematical style, it is intended...​ Read more This book establishes scientific foundations for adaptive autonomous cyber systems and ultimately brings about a more secure and reliable Internet. The recent advances in adaptive cyber defense (ACD) have... Read more This book focuses on the emerging additive manufacturing technology and its applications beyond state-of-the-art, fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. It also discusses the development of a hybrid, integrated process that combines additive and subtractive operations... Read more​
Advances in Microlocal and Time-Frequency Analysis​​ Challenges in Social Network Research​​​​ Ductile Mode Cutting of Brittle Materials
The conference’s focus and the contents of the papers reflect Luigi’s various research interests in the course of his long and extremely prolific career at Torino University... Read more The book includes both invited and contributed chapters dealing with advanced methods and theoretical development for the analysis of social networks and applications in numerous disciplines...​ Read more This book provides a systematic and comprehensive interdisciplinary overview of ductile mode cutting of brittle materials, covering a range of topics from the fundamental physics to engineering practices...​ Read more
Dynamics with Chaos and Fractals Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits Game User Experience And Player-Centered Design
The book is concerned with the concepts of chaos and fractals, which are within the scopes of dynamical systems, geometry, measure theory, topology, and numerical analysis during the last several decades... Read more The book adopts an “economic” approach to interesting topics, and avoids exploring all the arising side topics. Written in a concise mathematical style, it is intended...​ Read more This book aims to provide a comprehensive coverage of the basic components of game user experience and the fundamentals of player-centered design. The impact of game user experience on the game development... Read more
Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering Introduction to Infinite-Dimensional Systems Theory Intrusion Detection
This book features a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers presented at the 7th International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science & Engineering...​ Read more Infinite-dimensional systems is a well established area of research with an ever increasing number of applications. Given this trend, there is a need for an introductory text treating system ...​ Read more This book presents state-of-the-art research on intrusion detection using reinforcement learning, fuzzy and rough set theories, and genetic algorithm. Reinforcement learning is employed to incrementally learn the computer network behavior...​ Read more
Machine Behavior Design And Analysis Mathematical Modelling and Optimization of Engineering Problems Modelling and Performance Analysis of Cyclic Systems
In this book, we present our systematic investigations into consensus in multi-agent systems. We show the design and analysis of various types of consensus protocols from a multi-agent perspective with a focus on min-consensus...  Read more This book presents recent developments in modelling and optimization of engineering systems and the use of advanced mathematical methods for solving complex real-world problems... Read more This book provides a forum for contributions that cover the main research challenges in the cyclic modeling, development, and validation of concurrently acting distributed production systems...​ Read more
New Approaches to Gear Design and Production Numerical Solutions of Realistic Nonlinear Phenomena Process Mining in Action
It describes advanced approaches to research, design, testing and production of various kinds of gears for a vast range of applications, with a particular focuses on advanced computer-aided approaches for gear...​ Read more It provides recent theoretical developments and new techniques based on optimization theory, partial differential equations (PDEs), mathematical modeling and...​ Read more This book describes process mining use cases and business impact along the value chain, from corporate to local applications, representing the state of the art in domain know-how. Providing a set of industrial case studies and best practices...​ Read more
QoS Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Real-time Communication Protocols for Multi-hop Ad-hoc Networks Smart Cities Big Data Prediction Methods and Applications 280
This book provides a systematic introduction to the fundamental concepts, major challenges, and effective solutions for Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks...​ Read more Unlike other books on wireless communication, this book presents protocols located on MAC layer and above, and build on the physical (PHY) layer of standard wireless communication technologies... Read more This timely book discusses big data forecasting for smart cities. It introduces big data forecasting techniques for the key aspects (e.g., traffic, environment, building energy, green...  Read more
Special Functions and Generalized Sturm-Liouville Problems 280 Spectral Theory Statistical Robust Beamforming for Broadcast Channels and Applications in Satellite Communication
This book discusses theoretical and applied aspects of Sturm-Liouville theory and its generalization. It introduces and classifies generalized Sturm-Liouville problems in three...​ Read more This textbook offers a concise introduction to spectral theory, designed for newcomers to functional analysis. Curating the content carefully, the author builds to a proof of the spectral...​ Read more This book investigates adaptive physical-layer beamforming and resource allocation that ensure reliable data transmission in the multi-antenna broadcast channel. The book provides...​ Read more
The Automotive Chassis The Fourth Terminal Theory of Function Spaces IV
This textbook draws on the authors’ experience gained by teaching courses for engineering students on e.g. vehicle mechanics, vehicle system design, and chassis design; and on their...​ Read more This book discusses the advantages and challenges of Body-Biasing for integrated circuits and systems, together with the deployment of the design infrastructure needed to generate this... Read more This textbook draws on the authors’ experience gained by teaching courses for engineering students on e.g. vehicle mechanics, vehicle system design, and chassis design; and on their...​ Read more
Time-Domain Signature Barcodes for Chipless-RFID and Sensing Applications Transmutation Operators and Applications Treewidth, Kernels, and Algorithms
This book presents an unconventional approach for implementing chipless radiofrequency identification (RFID) systems and related sensors. Contrary to most state-of-the-art chipless-RFID systems...​ Read more Transmutation operators in differential equations and spectral theory can be used to reveal the relations between different problems, and often make it possible to transform difficult...​ Read more The 14 full and 5 short contributions included in this volume show the many transformative discoveries made by H.L. Bodlaender in the areas of graph algorithms, parameterized...​ Read more
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