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Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy 210 Artificial intelligence and security challenges in emerging networks Inspection and maintenance of stormwater control measures 210 Integrating the internet of things into software engineering practices
New topics include aberration corrected instruments, scanning confocal mode of operations, Bloch wave eigenvalue methods and parallel computing techniques...Read more This book is an essential reference source that discusses applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining, as well as other tools and strategies to protect networks against security threats and solve security... Read more The field of stormwater management has experienced exponential innovation over the last decade. Unlike the treatment technologies implemented to address point source pollution, nonpoint source pollution controls have no universally... Read more This book provides research on the integration of IoT into the software development life cycle (SDLC) in terms of requirements management, analysis, design, coding, and testing, and provides security and quality assurance activities... Read more
Multifunctional Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices Robots, Drones, UAVs and UGVs for Operation and Maintenance Smart Innovation of Web of Things Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations
This book covers all points from synthesis, properties, and applications of transition metal oxide nanoparticle materials in energy storage and conversion devices. Aimed at graduate-level students and researchers associated... Read more The aim of the book is to give comprehensive understanding about the use of autonomous vehicles (context of robotics) for the utilization of inspection and maintenance activities in industrial asset management in different...Read more The Web of Things (WoT) is a concept that describes approaches, programming tools and software architectural systems, which interface networks of real-world objects with the World Wide Web... Read more The scope of the book is broad and comprehensive, encompassing the mechanical aspects of the entire nuclear station balance of plant from the source of the motive steam to the discharge and/or utilization of waste heat and beyond.... Read more
User-centric privacy and security in biometrics Phaselock Techniques Gardner FM 210 The World of the Theory of ConstraintsVictoria J Mabin Steven J Balderstone 210 Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition
This book explores how developments in biometrics will address security and privacy aspects. The book surveys and evaluates how biometric techniques can enhance and increase the reliability of security strategies in a variety of applications... Read more This second edition of this indispensable 'how to' manual of quantitative MR shows the MRI physicist and research clinician how to implement these techniques on an MRI scanner to understand more about the biological processes..Read more The authors explored databases, and sought out papers and books drawing on as wide a range as possible. Aside from the works by Dr. Goldratt himself, the authors focus on items published since 1990, highlighting the most recent developments in TOC...Read more This book highlights the major economic and industrial changes in the lubrication industry and outlines the state of the art in each major lubricant application area. Chapters cover the use of lubricant fluids, growth or decline of market areas and applications, potential new applications... Read more


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