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Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Technology, Second Edition Capacitive Silicon Resonators : Performance Enhancement Methods Coulomb excitations and decays in graphene-related systems Corona discharge micromachining for the synthesis of nanoparticles : characterization and applications
This book addresses the rapid academic and industrial development of chemical reaction engineering. Offering a systematic development of the chemical reaction engineering concept...Read more Microfabricated resonators play an essential role in a variety of applications, including mass sensing, timing reference applications, and filtering applications... Read more This book presents a well-developed theoretical model and addresses important advances in essential properties and diverse excitation phenomena.... Read more This book summarizes the fundamental and established methods for the synthesis of nanoparticles, providing readers with an organized and comprehensive insight into the field of nanoparticle technology... Read more
Industrial biomimetics Nanotechnology applications in dairy science: packaging, processing, and preservation Spintronics handbook. Volume three, Nanoscale spintronics and applications: spin transport and magnetism (Second Edition) Nanofluids and their engineering applications
In this book, researchers have contributed cutting-edge results from the viewpoint of two types of industrial applications of biomimetics. The first type starts with engineering tasks to solve an engineering... Read more Designed to provide new insight into the utilization of nanotechnology in dairy science and food science. It focuses on applications of nanotechnology in packaging and drying of dairy...Read more Spintronics Handbook, Second Edition offers an update on the single most comprehensive survey of the two intertwined fields of spintronics and magnetism, covering the diverse array of materials... Read more Nanofluids are solid-liquid composite material consisting of solid nanoparticles suspended in liquid with enhanced thermal properties. This book introduces basic fluid mechanics, conduction... Read more
Introduction to software for chemical engineers (Second Edition) Sustainable biofuel and biomass: advances and impacts Modular Systems for Energy and Fuel Recovery and Conversion Filtration and Purification in the Biopharmaceutical Industry (Third Edition)
The field of Chemical Engineering and its link to computer science is in constant evolution and new engineers have a variety of tools at their disposal... Read more Biofuel production from waste biomass is increasingly being focused on due to due to several advantages of lignocellulosic biomass, such as availability in abundance from several sources..Read more Modular Systems for Energy and Fuel Recovery and Conversion surveys the benefits of the modular approach in the front end of the energy industry. The book also outlines...Read more Since sterile filtration and purification steps are becoming more prevalent and critical within medicinal drug manufacturing, the third edition of Filtration and Purification in the Biopharmaceutical... Read more
Giant resonances : nuclear structure at finite temperature Standard methods for thermal comfort assessment of clothing Agroforestry and Climate Change Carbon dioxide problem : integrated energy and environmental policies for the 21st century
This volume presents a comprehensive introduction to the study of nuclear structure at finite temperature. By measuring the frequencies of the high-energy photons emitted... Read more Providing detailed analysis of the thermal comfort assessment of clothing as the basis for developing standards, this book discusses the thermal protective role of clothing... Read more This volume provides an abundance of valuable information on emerging eco-friendly technology and its potential role in combating climate change via agroforesty... Read more The problems of global warming and environmental pollution are some of the most difficult challenges this planet faces in the 21st century... Read more
Rubber recycling : challenges and developments Sensor and Data Fusion for Intelligent Transportation Systems Prototyping Micro-/Nano-Optics with Focused Ion Beam Lithography Pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture materials
Rubber is used in a vast number of products, from tyres on vehicles to disposable surgical gloves. Increasingly both manufacturers and legislators are realising that recycling is essential for environmental... Read more Sensor and Data Fusion for Intelligent Transportation Systems introduces readers to the roles of the data fusion processes defined by the Joint Directors of Laboratories (JDL)... Read more This SPIE Spotlight focuses on the micro-/nano-structuring aspects of focused ion beam (FIB) instrumentation. It is designed as a tutorialRead more Using inorganic solid adsorbents/sorbents is a promising approach for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and is attracting intense attention from both academic and industrial... Read more


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