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Automating Vibrational Spectroscopy Data Preprocessing and Multivariate Analysis with MATLAB Tanmoy Bhattacharjee 210 Field Guide to Quantum Mechanics Brian P Anderson 210 Glass Micro- and Nanospheres Giancarlo Righini 210 Metallic Glass-Based Nanocomposites Sumit Sharma 210
This Spotlight teaches the commands necessary to analyze spectroscopic data (Raman/FTIR) using MATLAB. It explains how to build an analysis routine step by step and perform preprocessing and multivariate analysis ...Read more This Field Guide serves as a reference guide to the primary results, explanations, and interpretations of quantum mechanics that foregoes the introductions, derivations, and conceptual discussions found in most courses and textbooks on the subject... Read more This book summarizes the recent research and development in the field of glass micro- and nanospheres. With special focus on the physics of spherical whispering-gallery mode resonators, it presents selected examples of application of glass microspheres... Read more Provides readers with an overview of the most commonly used tools for MD simulation of metallic glass composites and provides all the basic steps necessary for simulating any material on Materials Studio.... Read more
Multiphasearticulate SystemsinTurbulent Flowsioletta 210 Protective armor engineering design  Magdi El Messiry 210 Science and Technology of Polymers and Advanced Materials Omari Mukbaniani 210 Specifications and Standards for Optical Coating Durability Michael Hausner 210
Provides methods necessary to analyze complex particulate systems and related phenomena including physical, chemical and mathematical description of fundamental processes influencing crystal size... Read more This new book provides an in-depth survey of the state-of-the-art research and practical techniques in the area of protected fabrics, especially stab-resistant and bulletproof fabrics...Read more This volume presents a selection of new approaches in the field of composites and nanomaterials, polymer synthesis and applications, and materials and their properties. Some composites/nanocomposites and interfaces are explored as well, some with medical applications... Read more This Spotlight gives a general overview and useful information about the durability of optical coatings, and greater information about different durability tests for the applicable civilian and military standards and specifications... Read more
Systems engineering a systemic and systematic methodology for solving complex problems Joseph Eli Kasser 210 Exergetic Aspects of Renewable Energy Systems: Insights to Transportation and Energy Sector for Intelligent Communities Design and Development of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes Outlier Detection: Techniques and Applications
This book will change the way you think about problems. It focuses on creating solutions to all sorts of complex problems by taking a practical, problem-solving approach. It discusses not only what needs to be done, but it also provides guidanc... Read more Energy is essential to all human activities as well as critical to social and economic development. Sustainable energy planning encompassing the concept of smart cities has a high potential to significantly contribute to climate change mitigation..Read more This book arose from efforts to form a special session to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the first hardware demonstration of the fiber gyro in 1976 by Vali and Shorthill....Read more This book, drawing on recent literature, highlights several methodologies for the detection of outliers and explains how to apply them to solve several interesting real-life problems... Read more


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