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A Guide for Machine Vision in Quality ControlSheila Anand 210 Agricultural impacts of climate change Applied agricultural practices for mitigating climate change Biomass and Carbon Fuels in Metallurgy
Follows a practitioner’s approach to learning machine vision. The book provides guidance on how to build machine vision systems for quality inspections. Practical applications from the Industry have been discussed...Read more Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change examines several important aspects of crop production, such as climate change, soil management, farm machinery, and different methods for sustainable.... Read more Applied Agricultural Practices for Mitigating Climate Change examines several important aspects of crop production, such as the use of microorganisms and biofertilizers as well as... Read more Presents contemporary and new insights into the use of carbonaceous (Biomass) fuels in the metallurgical sector. The authors describe application of these fuels in different technological processes to... Read more
Business intelligence and analytics in small and medium enterprises Euler as Physicist Green chemistry in scientific literature Local gradient theory for dielectrics : fundamentals and applications / Olha Hrytsyna, Vasyl Kondrat.
Technological developments in recent years have been tremendous. This evolution is visible in companies through technological equipment, computerized procedures, and management practices associated with technologies... Read more In this book the exceptional role of Leonhard Euler in the history of science will be analyzed and emphasized, especially demonstrated for his fundamental cont- butions to physics...Read more This study collects, processes and refines available information in scientific area. The authors have provided recent statistical data on the principles of Green Chemistry... Read more This book is devoted to the development of the local gradient theory of dielectrics. It presents a brief description of the known approaches to the construction of generalized  ...Read more
Making water security: a morphological account of Nile River development Mathematical handbook of formulas and tables The distribution of prime numbers The statistical analysis of failure time data
This book examines Nile water security through the morphology of the river: it uses the always changing form of the river as a theoretical and empirical device to map and understand how infrastructures and... Read more This third edition covers elementary concepts in algebra, geometry, etc. and more advanced concepts in differential equations and vector analysis. It also expands its section on Probability and Statistics and includes a new section on Financial...Read more Prime numbers have fascinated mathematicians since the time of Euclid. This book presents some of our best tools to capture the properties of these fundamental objects, beginning with the most basic notions... Read more Contains additional discussion and examples on left truncation as well as material on more general censoring and truncation patterns. ... Read more


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