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Nanohybrids in Environmental & Biomedical Applications Three-Dimensional Magnonics : Layered Micro- and Nanostructures Nanoimprinting and its applications Green Energy Materials Handbook
This timely new book addresses the design and preparation of multiphase nanomaterials with desired size, shape, phase composition, and crystallinity, as well as their current applications...Read more This book provides an overview of recent developments in the exploitation of the third dimension in magnonics, with special focus on the propagation of spin waves in layered magnonic... Read more This book explains the fundamentals of nanoimprinting in terms of materials, processes, and machines. It also describes the applications of nanoimprinting in optics, biology, ... Read more This work presents complete experimental measurements and computational results as well as potential applications. Among green technologies, electrochemical and ... Read more
Quantum Chemistry of Nanotubes Introductory Nanoscience Wetting and Spreading Dynamics, Second Edition Handbook of petrochemical processes
This book gives a detailed and up-to-date overview of the linearized augmented cylindrical wave (LACW) technique for nanotubes and nanowires. The author presents the mathematical foundations together with numerous applications... Read more Designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, Introductory Nanoscience asks key questions about the quantitative concepts that underlie this new field. How are the optical and electrical properties of nanomaterials dependent...Read more Drawing together theory and experimental data while presenting over 150 figures to illustrate the concepts, Wetting and Spreading Dynamics is a valuable resource written for both newcomers and experienced researchers... Read more This book provides the readers with a valuable source of information containing insights into petrochemical reactions and products, process technology, and polymer synthesis... Read more
Treatment Marshes for Runoff and Polishing Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping Using DRASTIC Model Anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to the reduction of different sulfur compounds as electron acceptors in bioreactors Discrete Mathematical Structures
This new edition represents a complete rewrite of the surface flow sections of previous editions of Treatment Wetlands. It is based on the performance hundreds of treatment marshes over the past 40 years... Read more Shows the effectiveness of DRASTIC model in a geographical setting for validation of vulnerable zones and presents the optimization of parameters for the development of precise maps highlighting several zones with varied contamination...Read more This research investigated new approaches to control anaerobic methane oxidation coupled to sulfate reduction (AOM-SR) and enrich anaerobic methanotrophs (ANME) and sulfate reducing bacteria...Read more This book contains fundamental concepts on discrete mathematical structures in an easy to understand style so that the reader can grasp the contents and explanation easily... Read more
Spatial Thinking in Environmental Contexts : Maps, Archives, and Timelines Chemically derived graphene: functionalization, properties and applications Alternative catalytic materials : carbides, nitrides, phosphides and amorphous boron alloys Click polymerization
Cultivates the spatial thinking "habit of mind" as a critical geographical view of how the world works, including how environmental systems function, and how we can approach and solve environmental problems using maps... Read more The increasing interest in graphene, due to its unique properties and potential applications, is sparking intense research into chemically derived graphene. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent and state-of-the-art research... Read more Many important industrial chemical processes rely heavily on catalysis and so researchers are always on the lookout for alternative catalytic materials that may improve existing processes or lead to new ones... Read more Click chemistry describes organic reactions which are highly efficient, regioselective and allow for mild reaction conditions. The archetypal click reaction of Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition... Read more
Biodegradable thermogels Chemical health threats : assessing and alerting Plastics and the environment Chemical regulation in the Middle East
This book summarizes recent developments in thermogel research with a focus on synthesis and self-assembly mechanisms, gel biodegradability, and applications for drug delivery, cell encapsulation and tissue engineering.... Read more This book covers recent developments in the field which support the implementation of these European legal instruments. It begins by contextualising the need for data that surveillance of toxic threats can deliver, before going on... Read more This book presents an introduction to the uses of plastics and an overview of how they interact with the environment.Read more This book offers an essential guide to the patchwork of chemical regulatory programs and the complex system of permits and licenses that manage chemicals in the countries of the Middle East... Read more


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