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ANALYTICAL METHODS IN SUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 210 Atmosphere and Climate (2nd Edition) Computer Age Statistical Inference Environmental Contaminants: Ecological Implications and Management
A must-have handbook for Organic and Analytical Chemists, Spectroscopists, Materials Scientists, and Ph.D. Students in Chemistry....Read more Atmosphere and Climate, covers atmospheric pollution and the complexity of atmospheric systems and their interactions with human activity. As an excellent reference for fundamental information on air systems... Read more This book takes us on an exhilarating journey through the revolution in data analysis following the introduction of electronic computation in the 1950s. Beginning with classical inferential theories... Read more This book provides a much-needed, comprehensive overview of the various types of contaminants, their toxicological effects on the environment, humans, animals and plants ... Read more
How to Grow a Robot : Developing Human-Friendly, Social AI Management of Water Quality and Quantity Microbial Metabolism of Xenobiotic Compounds MOLECULAR KINETICS IN CONDENSED PHASES
How to develop robots that will be more like humans and less like computers, more social than machine-like, and more playful and less programmed. Most robots are not very friendly... Read more This book focuses on water pollution, water management and water structures. Presenting contributions on water quality and quantity issues from the engineering point of view, it discusses a variety of issues, from...Read more Xenobiotic compounds including pesticides, nitrophenols, pyridine, polycyclic aromatic compounds and polychlorinated biphenyls are widely spread in environment ... Read more The book’s exploration of simulations examines atomically detailed modelling of molecules in action and the connections of these simulations to theory and experiment.  ...Read more
MULTIAGENT SYSTEMS STUDENT'S GUIDE TO DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS Groundwater Vulnerability and Pollution Risk AssessmentAndrzej 210 The statistical analysis of failure time data
Multiagent systems combine multiple autonomous entities, each having diverging interests or different information. This overview of the field offers a computer science perspective, but also draws on ideas from game theory, economics... Read more This introduction to dimensional analysis covers the methods, history and formalisation of the field, and provides physics and engineering applications. Covering topics from mechanics, hydro- and electrodynamics to thermal and ...Read more This volume offers detailed comparisons and validations of different methods of assessing groundwater vulnerability (DRASTIC, GOD, PI, RTt, AVI, SINTACS, COP). It contains new aspects of vulnerability assessment... Read more Contains additional discussion and examples on left truncation as well as material on more general censoring and truncation patterns. ... Read more


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