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A numerical primer for the chemical engineer Second Edition Edwin Zondervan210 Biological inorganic chemistry  a new introduction to molecular structure and function 2nd Edition  Robert R  Crichton210 Databook of curatives and crosslinkers Malgorzata Hanson and Anna Wypych 210 Environmental arsenic in a changing world As2018  7th International Congress and Exhibition Arsenic in the Environment 210
Designed as an introduction to numerical methods for students, this book combines mathematical correctness with numerical performance, and concentrates on numerical methods and problem solving...Read more This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the biochemical aspects of metals in living systems. Beginning with an overview of metals and selected nonmetals in biology, the book then discusses the following concepts: basic coordination chemistry for biologists; structural and molecular biology for chemists... Read more Curatives and crosslinkers form a group of additives necessary in the processing of thermosets. Forty groups of curatives/crosslinkers are included in Databook of Curatives and Crosslinkers. They include the following chemical groups of additives: acids, acrylamides... Read more The Congress "Arsenic in the Environment" offers an international, multi- and interdisciplinary discussion platform for research and innovation aimed towards a holistic solution to the problem posed by the environmental toxin arsenic, with significant societal impact... Read more
Functional reverse engineering of machine tools  Wasim Ahmed Khan 210 Handbook of curatives and crosslinkers 210 Bell Nonlocality Einstein's Unfinished Revolution : The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum
Thepurpose of this book is to develop capacity building in strategic and non-strategic machine tool technology. The book contains chapters on how to functionally reverse engineer strategic and non-strategic computer numerical control machinery... Read more This book contains information on additives which convert soluble monomer, prepolymer, or polymer to the insoluble polymer network popularly known as thermosetting polymer. The additives which cause these changes include crosslinkers and curatives...Read more The development of quantum technologies has seen a tremendous upsurge in recent years, and the theory of Bell nonlocality has been key in making these technologies possible. Bell nonlocality is one of the most striking discoveries triggered by quantum theory.... Read more A daring new vision of quantum theory from one of the leading minds of contemporary physicsQuantum physics is the golden child of modern science... Read more
Handbook of Industry 4 210 Pyrolysis of biomass Shurong Wang, Zhongyang Luo 210 Surfactant Science  Principles  Practice Abbott  Steven 210 Urban water resources Monzur A  Imteaz 210
Industry 4.0 refers to fourth generation of industrial activity characterized by smart systems and internet-based solutions. This book describes the fourth revolution based on instrumented, interconnected and intelligent assets... Read more With the development of societies fossil energy is no longer the only energy resource, and increasing attention had been paid to alternative energy. Biomass is considered to be one of the alternatives due to efficiency and low cost... Read more This book is a presentation and extension of surfactant science and also a technical resource for characterizing and formulating surfactants. It goes beyond the standard guidelines of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance... Read more Ever increasing urbanization is impacting both the quantity and quality of urban water resources. These urban water resources and components of the water cycle are likely to be affected severely.... Read more


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