Printing from Mobile Devices

You can send a print job from any mobile device to any printer or combined machine  on the campus (for a fee) by sending an e-mail message with the attached file.



1. Create a new e-mail message to one of the following addresses: - one sided, black/white printer in A4 - two sided, black/white printer in A4  - one side, black/white printer in A3 - two sided, black/white printer in A4 - one sided, color printer in A3 - one sided, color printer in A3

2. Attach the file you want to print.

3. In "Subject" field write some unique number, i.e. tel. number.

4. Send your message.

5. Go to one of the printers, find your job by the unique number that you typed in the subject of the message and release it according to the instructions appearing near the printer.



For your attention:


1.There is no A3 printer in the Library of Exact Sciences and Engineering.

2.Releasing a print job in A3 on a printer that does not support A3 format will give a distorted result. Students are responsible to release their print jobs on the  appropriate printers.

3.A3 black/white printers are located in the buildings of the Faculty of Engineering and of the School of Architecture.


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